Advocate for Afrezza

Brendan’s Story of Hope in the UK

This week I planned on finally finishing the Week 20 summary as well as a few other projects I have going, but someone touched my life a few months ago and he tweeted some special news, and so I wanted to devote my time to something even more important than an excellent diabetes summary . […]
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Week 19 – Is Afrezza still Working?

Week 19 and a (crazy) question above to answer once and for all. First, my favorite photo of the week!   Spiro has been a strong voice for Afrezza support because he’s seen firsthand how unbelievably fantastic it works. And it’s still working better than ever. Spiro will tell you that Afrezza has made his life […]
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Week 15-Welcome Julie, Bode Newsletter and Record Rx’s!

Week 15-And I would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy 4th of July! This week we welcome our newest member Julie from Florida! She has been a Type 1 diabetic for the last 19 years and began using Afrezza in April. In two short months her A1C has already dropped from a […]
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Week 14 Afrezza “Helping diabetics achieve Freedom”

Week 14-And with the upcoming holiday next week, more and more Afrezza Users repeating the word FREEDOM. Freedom from the daily grind and all-encompassing activity of diabetes management. Freedom from 5 or 6 needles a day down to one in most cases (Toujeo). Freedom for our families who worry about us less and less as they […]
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Week 13 Brings Success for Type 2 Diabetics on Afrezza and an Update From Ann!

Week 13-More new users, and I can report to you consistent, positive results for everyone in our Type 1 and Type 2 Groups on Afrezza. Not sure how many noticed the video posted of Eric Fenar attending the MannKind Annual Shareholders Meeting in Danbury, CT at the factory. He was there with his adorable daughter […]
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Week 12 Brings Another Personal Best A1C and Two New Members

Week 12-New A1C lifetime best to announce-a big “high five” to Howard, and we also have a brand new member in our T1 Group to welcome, Gustavo and another new member Brian Lynch in our T2 Group!  With great pleasure I am proud to announce that Howard, after only 60 days on Afrezza had a doctors appointment […]
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