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Week 3 -Time in Zone with Afrezza “Unbelievable” vs. Injectables!

 Yes, it’s Easter Week..lots of candy, snacking and family “get-togethers”–Absolutely No Problem for a diabetic taking Afrezza as you can see below! These “time in zone” measurements are life-changing for a diabetic–higher quality life=more energy, feeling better, no more chasing highs and lows all day long.  What surprises you most about the third week data? The […]
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How to Use the Afrezza Inhaler Correctly

I was going through some of the old Afrezza items I had and came across this piece. Didn’t know if it is still being used, but thought more than a few people might benefit from it. Also, as you get started using Afrezza, go ahead and have a glass of water before you inhale–it’s good […]
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Week 2 – Demand Afrezza–It’s working “Big Time”!!

Here it is the second week of compiling our glucose #’s from the very FIRST Afrezza Users “Real Life” Results Group.  We will demonstrate how Afrezza really works in the REAL-WORLD! Every week we will compile our data and present it to you to be able to share it and learn from what we are doing. So […]
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March Madness-Actual Info on How Afrezza is Different with Great Info!

  Here it is–March Madness–when the NCAA tournament is happening and the  final four colleges (Kentucky, Duke, Wisconsin and Michigan State) compete to see who is going to be the very best school in college basketball. For diabetics, there is another competition going on between traditional insulins and Afrezza. This morning a noted blogger Amy Tenderich released her report […]
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Week 1 – How will Afrezza Users do in the “Real World”?

Here it is the very FIRST Afrezza Users “Real Life” Results Group that will demonstrate how Afrezza really works in the REAL-WORLD! Every week we will compile our data and present it to you to be able to share it and learn from what we are doing. Best of luck to every Afrezza User out […]
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“Flat Lines” and how to get them–U can do it, too with Afrezza!

What’s going on with all those “flat line graphs” showing up on the continuous glucose monitors of many Afrezza users out there?  It’s truly remarkable as a diabetic to post graphs like that–something nearly impossible on traditional insulins. In the past month, I have been “flat-lining” while sleeping and used to wake up with no […]
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Afrezza Confirmed by Doc–It is the “Real Deal” already!

  This past week I went for my first doctors visit since going on Afrezza. I noticed that 2 weeks into my treatment that my requirements for insulin dropped significantly even as a type 1 . The only explanation I had is that I was more insulin sensitive. From my own research I have learned that […]
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Testing the Ultimate Limits of Afrezza–Unbelievable!

I”ve been talking about hypoglycemic “lows” a lot–and so decided to test Al Mann’s theory I posted a few weeks ago! I took 4 Units of Afrezza with NO MEAL WHATSOEVER and my blood sugar registering 100 to see what would happen. I cannot believe it–No severe lows! I will most likely add a new website […]
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Why I love Afrezza…Control- No more Neverending Rollercoaster Rides!

Last year when I visited Six Flags Over Georgia I was reminded of how I managed my insulin needs before Afrezza. The park is truly a blast, but life as a diabetic is very much like riding in the Dodge City bumper cars all day long that don’t steer and then banging into curbs or […]
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