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Week 10- Afrezza Users look forward to A1C Tests – 2 More Lifetime “Bests”

Week 10 and lots to talk about. Within our group there were two doctors appointments. First, Ann, who just measured a personal lifetime best of a 6.2 in under 90 days on Afrezza!  Before Afrezza her A1C was a 7.0 and she is extremely pleased with her new inhalable insulin and will never, ever go back to her […]
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Week 9 – Congrats Eric Fenar and Foreign Interest Growing

Week 9 and the big news is Eric Fenar who had a doctors appointment, and he measured an A1C personal best at his doctors office of a 6.3 (yes, a pre-diabetic number) using Afrezza for just 103 days. That number is his 22 year Personal Best–his lowest ever! And he is happy to say, it was with no […]
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Week 8 – 1st “Non-diabetic” A1C on Afrezza after 3 Mos. – 10.1 to 5.7!

At week 8, happy to announce we now have 8 Afrezza users in our “Real Life” User Group, and want to welcome Howard (@Afrezzaguy) to the Group, and will introduce you to his story and his Afrezza journey in an upcoming blog. Moreover, I’m also excited to let you know that every single one of us have […]
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Week 7 – “Real-Time” Afrezza + “Real World” Results = Paradigm Shift

Week 7, and Personal Best records were achieved this week! Congrats to Brian and Jackie on their truly outstanding and unbelievable results–Brian had his best “time in zone” EVER and also his lowest correlated A1C EVER, and Jackie had her best correlated A1C EVER, too. It’s shocking, but the reality for most diabetics is they […]
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Afrezza Users talk about “Journey so far” on #Afrezza

Timely advice here as more and more diabetics discover the “life-changing” inhalable insulin AFREZZA. Call it tips, tricks, opinions, feedback or whatever you would like, but the Afrezza Users “Real-Life” Results Group pulled together our thoughts and experience in how this miracle drug transformed all of our lives and we all wanted to share some of our learned […]
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Week 6 – Afrezza is Consistent and Reliable!

Week 6, and what’s on everyones mind right now is our upcoming A1C tests when we visit our doctors in the next month or so. What will those numbers actually be? When all the data is downloaded from our Dexcom monitors how will the “Time in Zone” be viewed? Will it be with skepticism or […]
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Week 5 – Avg. Glucose #’s already Trending in the 5’s!

Week 5, and EVERYONE in our Afrezza Users Challenge has an A1C Correlation that are also in the 5’s….and that level is considered “non-diabetic”, yet we are all Type 1 Diabetics (except for Spiro who is T2)–so is Afrezza working? Are you kidding!! Look at the control we are all having…and best of’s easy […]
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The Inside Truth about Exubera and Afrezza from Actual Users of Both!

For years, I’ve been saying the only thing in common between Exubera and Afrezza is that they were both inhaled. I recently decided to talk to the real experts about this issue-two people that have been on both insulins! They happen to also be in our Afrezza User “Real-Life” Results Group  and have firsthand experience with Exubera […]
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How to Not Help Diabetics get to know Afrezza

Ever sit down to a delicious holiday dinner surrounded by your family and then a telemarketer calls? As a Type 1 diabetic, I have had many well-intentioned people interrupt my day to tell me the latest tips, tricks and cures for something I have had to deal with for the last 16 years of my life that […]
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