Advocate for Afrezza

How come Afrezza is WAY better now than on the Trials?

Simple. No protocols! When you read all the articles about the “head to head” competition between Afrezza and current insulin treatments in the drug trial, and the result is simply “non-inferior”, what should someone make of it? I’d like to chime in and add my “real-world” experience being both in the drug trial and now […]
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Does Afrezza have an aftertaste?

Only a diabetic would ask this question–why? Because most diabetics know and agree that current insulin smells like band-aids and novocaine. It’s an awful smell. You will be very pleased to know that Afrezza has NO taste and NO smell! And it’s painless. If you want an insulin that works in “real-time” this is the […]
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Response to Seeking Alpha article re: Dosing

This is my response to Psycho Analyst and his article “MannKind Investors: Don’t Screw Up The Afrezza Launch” After reading your article, I agree with many of your points. However, I must disagree on your inferring that because of my particular size (6’ 3” 230 lbs) or amount of Lantus dose that I take that […]
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Watch my Official Afrezza launch video, see my CGM graphs and a Demo!!

February 3, 2015 will go down as a significant day in diabetes history. Afrezza is officially launched and even after only 6 days of being back on this life-changing drug (it will be very evident to you after visually seeing my various printouts from my Continous Glucose Monitor on twitter) I can’t express how great […]
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How do you REALLY think the Afrezza launch will go?

Well, my personal feeling is that it is going to be very successful. Perhaps not immediately out of the gate as the average waiting time for an appointment with an endocrinologist can be 6 – 9 weeks or MORE. Many doctors don’t have any direct experience yet with this new innovative drug (they will need […]
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