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Testing the Ultimate Limits of Afrezza–Unbelievable!

I”ve been talking about hypoglycemic “lows” a lot–and so decided to test Al Mann’s theory I posted a few weeks ago! I took 4 Units of Afrezza with NO MEAL WHATSOEVER and my blood sugar registering 100 to see what would happen. I cannot believe it–No severe lows! I will most likely add a new website page to post all the pics I took along with my stopwatch, Dexcom CGM, and FreeStyle tester. Orange Juice was on standby (never used) in case the worst happened—it did not! Al Mann is right (he spoke about this at John Hopkins in 2010-from 34:00 to 38:00 minutes) and he has said all along that this drug performs unlike any other from all the experiments he ran on Afrezza—the scientific diabetic community should be shocked. How does this exactly happen–ask Al or a PhD, I can only testify, it did happen, and it was  exactly just like this (my notes): (*note my CGM was off calibration by 10 points,and I took pics of everything going on every 5 minutes or so that I’m showing you here).

Here’s what it looked like:

Afrezza Experiment 1

This is my notebook page you can see in the pic:

4U Experiment

Here are all the readings every 5 minutes or so:
























  • Reply Tony Marinelli |

    thank you so much for keeping everyone up to date on your experience. It must be super time consuming and tedious. I believe you are doing this for the benefit of others. You are succeeding
    Good luck to you Sam. Wish you a long and healthy life

  • Reply Ian Stewart |


    WOW! Well thought out experiment. I would love to hear from Endo’s on how they view your results versus this conflicting thesis that titration is too blunt with Afrezza. Hard to argue with compelling results.

    Cheers to you and thanks for all you are doing for the community. I look forward to my 16 year old T1D becoming of age and having the option to choose Afrezza if she wishes.

    • Reply Emre |

      I’m glad I found your post. I was diagnosed T1 in 1992 at 23 yrs. old. I have alwyas been a competitive swimmer. I usually eat some kind of protein snack before swimming, but even swimming at that intensity, I usually don’t suffer lows during a swim practice (they usually hit several hours afterward.) I recently completed my first sprint triathalon (1k swim, 30k bike, 5k run). I did not have my CGM yet, so completed it by testing at the transitions and judging based on how I felt. I had gatorade on the bike and gels with me on the run (which I didn’t need). Since this race, I have made a commitment to running more. I really struggle with lows during runs, for some reason. I drop an average of 70 points on a short run (5k), so try to start at about 150-175. Any higher than that and I feel drained and unable to run. Any lower and I know I will face trouble before I’m done. I hope to do my first half-marathon in the Spring and my first marathon Jan. 2012 (Disney World). I have been really nervous about increasing my runs, but with the information you have shared (and my new CGM), I feel that I am prepared to tackle it! Thank you!

      • Reply Sam Finta |

        I did not crash playing 3 hours of tennis or swimming 2 hours. I think many athletes will find Afrezza the ideal insulin for competing. Keep us updated!

  • Reply Ignacio Soler |

    Sam, did you have your regular dose of basal or did you alter your basal schedule in any way before performing this test? Could you post at what time and how many units of basal you took before the test with Afrezza? Thank you much for your continuing to share your results with all of us.

    • Reply Sam Finta |

      I made no changes to my basal which I split up and take in the mornings and evenings.

  • Reply Victor |

    That is amazing, Sam. I’m not diabetic, but hope that all diabetics benefit as much as you say you have.

    Everyone I talk to – physicians, diabetics, pre-diabetics – think Afrezza is a non-starter because it’s “risky” and current therapies are good enough and cheap enough. I say there’s no proof and they trot out the “do no harm” line, which is ironic because harm is being done.

    Thanks for posting and I’m glad you and your family can enjoy your new-found freedom.

  • Reply Joe |

    I don’ t understand. You said you did not have any lows, yet you dropped into the 40 and 50 range. That’s low. I see spot at those levelS. Please clarify.

    • Reply Sam Finta |

      This was a test to see what would happen if I took 4u without eating starting off around 100mg. I dropped to 50 which is an intermediate low. A severe low would have been under 40 which I did not hit. The cgm was off by 10 points as I forget to calibrate it. Finger pricks rule over a cgm as we use that to calibrate. A low is generally anything under 70 and of course I expected to hit that. The question was would I hit a severe low. On my old insulin, a severe low would have been certain.

  • Reply Joe |

    Thanks for the clarification. I am a type 1 on pump. I have been on Afrezza now about a month. I am spending much more time in range, highs are quickly corrected in 30 minutes, lows are fewer and much “gentler”. I have turned down my pump basal rate too. My humalog in my pump I am sure contributes to these lows. I read that you had insulin resistance and it’s going away on afrezza. I was at 1.15 u/hr. for my basal rate, worked it down to 1.0 and today went to .9u/hr. We will see how that goes…now that I no longer need a bolus, what do you think of replacing my pump with a once a day shot like lantus?

    • Reply Sam Finta |

      Congratulations! This is what I have been seeing with most that I am in contact with. Have you read my doctors statements about this? It is a good question. Lantus wanes in the later hours so I do a split dose. I take a 13 at night and 17 in the morning. I used to take 30u one time a day but for me the split dose works the best. You might want to talk to your doctor about it and make a joint decision. I will be switching to Toujeo per my doctors advice even though Lantus works great for me. Please email me at so I can get in touch with you.

  • Reply Jerry |

    I found Mannkind 8 years ago and invested thinking it would make me some great money. At the time I knew very little about diabetes. I thought the shots were the big deal. As we got approval and partner I started looking more into the diabetics point of view. Out of greed I will admit. See when my money boat might be coming in. Then along came this guy Afrezzauser. Sam you are one of the most wonderful people walking this earth. You led me to look closer at diabetes and its horrific effects on bodies and lives. I am still in it to make a buck hopfuly but, I can honestly say if it came down to make money and they sack Afrezza or lose it all and it goes to market I would give up the money. I have been reading message boards and blogs since I got in this. Never have I posted. Did so tonight just to let Sam know his word is getting out. Even to non-diabetics like myself who were clueless. Your dedication/devotion to the betterment of treatment for all is such a rarity in this greedy world. If we all had half and applied it to all the little thing in life that count this would be a much better world. My hat is off to you sir.

  • Reply article |

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  • Reply Ed Varney |

    No questions here for you Sam!! I have followed you from the day you testified at Adcom. before the FDA. I am invested in MNKD as part of my 401k. (not very pretty looking today). Knowing people like you out there giving Afrezza a true test drive assures me that Al Mann was truly a man of his words. I dont expect to get wealthy from MNKD ,but, I am pre-diabetic at 6.2 now and a senior, if I had my way I would be using Afrezza now for mealtime BG control as it was designed.. Can you imagine the savings for the health care system today if all prediabetics could head this ugly disease off with something as simple as Afrezza?? Just wanted you to know that many of us are aware of what you have done and the likely effect you will have on the future for Afrezza usage for all Diabetics in the future.. Again, Thanks a Million…

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