Advocate for Afrezza

Ask “Afrezzauser” Sam Finta

Hi, my name is Sam Finta and most people know me as “Afrezzauser”. I created that profile many years ago after a life-changing experience with Afrezza, and also this website for people like you who are looking for information about Afrezza. Fortunately, I was accepted as a trial patient in their Affinity drug study and for over 4 years I have been posting about my positive experiences. Because of a lot of confusion about Afrezza and my ability to give plain, honest and detailed feedback I decided to provide a way you could contact me. Thus, my “blog” was born. So, Go ahead….Ask “Afrezzauser”! If you like, you can also read all my ongoing tweets on Twitter @Afrezzauser.

Thanks for sending your suggestions and comments so that it can also help others! Wishing you the control and complete freedom in managing your own diabetes that I have experienced.