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Week 6 – Afrezza is Consistent and Reliable!

Week 6, and what’s on everyones mind right now is our upcoming A1C tests when we visit our doctors in the next month or so. What will those numbers actually be? When all the data is downloaded from our Dexcom monitors how will the “Time in Zone” be viewed? Will it be with skepticism or applause? One thing we all agree is on is that we will all have record low A1C numbers, and the highest “time in zone” as well as highest “quality of life” we have ever experienced. We believe this will start a slow and steady tidal wave in the clinical and medical community proving once and for all  the superiority of Afrezza and how great it really works in the “real world”.  Will diabetics then demand Afrezza for the sake of their health and a better life with fewer complications? Will Endo’s and PCP’s adjust their “standard of care” and change their prescribing habits? We think they will when the data is actually reported, not just by us, but also the many people I talk with who you never hear about. Here are this weeks numbers!


What surprises you most about the Week 6 data?

This week what surprises me most is CONSISTENCY.  Even with the “busyness” of life, new stresses and strains, and fighting the never-ending diabetic battle–what is readily apparent is that the numbers are getting very “sticky”. What I mean by that is, they just don’t change a great deal week to week, which is a tremendous advantage and a personal relief! If you look twice at the time in zone “before” Afrezza and the time in zone “with” Afrezza, it really is night and day. Add in the fantastic bottom line results and it just doesn’t get better than that short of a cure.

So Week 6 actual results were clearly another positive testimony to the effectiveness of Afrezza!-

What is the Afrezza Users “Real Life” Results Group?

It is a group of Afrezza Users who use a Continuous Glucose Monitors (Type 1’s) seeking tighter diabetes control and measuring the time spent in each blood sugar range. Two weeks ago we added a new user who like most diabetics uses “finger prick” measurements throughout her day to measure her blood glucose levels. For her (Laureen) we will take an average blood glucose per day (which is an average of approximately 7 or more daily finger pricks). It is NOT a competition between T1’s and T2’s nor among any of us and was only started so people could understand and see the inherent benefit of why Afrezza provides better control and higher patient satisfaction for t1 and t2 diabetics over our previous regimens. In essence, this is a “real-world” trial of “do your best”, and have good and bad days, but keep track of it all, and let everyone know the results. Well, the results thus far are clearly unbelievably positive.

Why are you doing this?

There has been so much discussion about the FDA Afrezza Drug trials and why I feel as a participant in the Affinity 1 trial, there were significant “hold backs” as to why we were not able to materially outperform Injectable Insulin because of the protocols on the trials. This is no longer the case!

To Summarize here are just a few of the hold backs why Afrezza didn’t get to show how great it works:

  • Afrezza Dosing only changed approx. every 6 weeks, and not flexible dosing depending on meal
  • No CGM’s allowed
  • Time in Zone not measured
  • Patient quality of life not measured
  • Brand new Afrezza users vs. Very experienced Injectable users (what if it was brand new injectable users vs. experienced Afrezza users—would that be fair? No-they would stop the trial right away because it would be a TKO/referee stops contest victory for Afrezza which we are proving by real world experience.)


What would you like to express to everyone out there considering Afrezza or to any doctors considering prescribing Afrezza for their patients?

My opinion is that Afrezza is a “life-changing” drug that is not very well understood by the diabetic community at large—both doctors and patients. This will change! It improved my life and gave me hope in treating my diabetes. I would wish the same for you or any other diabetic you know—enjoy a better and higher quality of life! Please demand to try Afrezza from your doctor, and if he/she won’t or is not able to prescribe it–go find one that will–your life and the quality of it matters!


  • Reply Tony Marinelli |

    Thank you Sam and your “Gang of Seven”
    All of us appreciate the time and energy it takes for all of you to put this together.
    Continued good health and new horizons

  • Reply Tyeeredfish2 |

    great start.. Need more gettin onboard reports like this. $$25B big pharma is pushing back hard, Drs paid to write scrips for them will b resistant to giving up these $$. Patient requiring Afrezza
    Insulin will eventually turn the tide so keep it up. Bang the drum slowly but steadily.

    • Reply Sam Finta |

      It is a shame that many put their pockets ahead of their patients. Something needs to change with the system at the Fda and the entire industry.

  • Reply JR |

    Great stuff indeed – one question re: time in zone – I’ve read where Afrezza users have narrowed their ‘zone’ on their CGMs. If so does the ‘time in zone’ reflect the new or previous range/


    • Reply Sam Finta |

      On injectables we used to set our high alert at 200 to 250. Now most of us have a high alert of 130 or 140. The ideal target is 70-130 glucose range but our dexcom range that you see on screen is simply a setting for the alarms that will notify us if we are rising.

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