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Week 5 – Avg. Glucose #’s already Trending in the 5’s!

Week 5, and EVERYONE in our Afrezza Users Challenge has an A1C Correlation that are also in the 5’s….and that level is considered “non-diabetic”, yet we are all Type 1 Diabetics (except for Spiro who is T2)–so is Afrezza working? Are you kidding!! Look at the control we are all having…and best of’s easy and painless! In the words of Spiro–Holy Toledo!!!! BTW, Spiro did have his lowest Fasting BG at the time of this report (will be included as his first day of Week 6 next week) and it was an 84–congrats Spiro, and also on your great results for the last 53 great days since being on Afrezza when you started at Fasting BG of 135–amazing! 


What surprises you most about the Week 5 data?

This week I encountered a dilemma that almost all diabetics also do but we don’t talk about much. Bad insulin. Yes, I finally figured it out when I checked the box of Lantus pens in the fridge (they had been there for over a year and a half, but I still a month or so left until the expiration date). Obviously the insulin was no longer active, and the issue started after having dinner at my mom’s house and noticing my blood sugars weren’t dropping like they used to later that night. And then the next day I woke up and they were higher than usual too. As a diabetic, I always have extra basal insulin pens on hand but didn’t rotate the supply as it was at the very back of the fridge. Lesson learned.

Thus my ranges took a slight hit from the previous week,  though I was able to finish with a 109 average which still meets my goal. Sounds crazy coming from someone who averaged in the 200’s just a few short months ago with an a1c of 10.2, but this is how fast Afrezza has changed my life and raised the bar in my diabetes treatment. In fact every single one of us in the Afrezza User Challenge have lowered the top “high alert” bar alarm on our dexcom since beginning Afrezza, so that we almost only use  the bottom ⅓ of the dexcom monitor area now (which means our blood sugars are VERY controlled)! I put out a tweet this week for some type 1’s (not on Afrezza) to send me their “time in zones” from their Dexcom but so far have received none, and don’t expect to.

Everyone knows by now that Afrezza is a mealtime insulin and that we still need basal coverage between meals and for nighttime. Afrezza does not replace basal. For me, Afrezza with a split dose of basal (Lantus) is my perfect combo to avoid the morning dawn effect and I wake up with a non-diabetic blood sugar every morning. For about a day, while I was taking the almost expired Lantus that was not working, I didn’t have any panic event because Afrezza kept everything pretty well in check. Yes, I was still able to control my sugars pretty well simply because Afrezza works so darn good! My #’s would’ve been a little better, but I really can’t complain with pulling off a 109 average for the week.

Congrats to all participants this week as everyone has a “non-diabetic correlation to report! It is truly “life-changing” to see so many diabetic lives changing for the better. I understand how your families rejoice seeing a new attitude and demeanor as if the heaviest burdens you have been carrying for many years have been lifted off your shoulders – and I feel the same way.

Outstanding job by every single Afrezza user-especially Ann who continues to improve and “dial it in”. Ann I know had a few issues (as well did) when we first started, but she must be on top of the world with those numbers she has. She is proof that if you stick with it and are patient anyone else can also duplicate these results.  I also want to thank Laureen and Spiro who accomplish all this WITHOUT A CGM. If I was not on Afrezza myself, I would have a hard time believing that these results are REAL–they are!

So for all those who are hesitant or think this is a fluke, we are now in Week 5 (some of us have been on Afrezza even longer, some of us a little less), and the great #’s are continuing.  Add in all the conveniences from discreet, anywhere use, pain-free inhalation vs. needles, ultra rapid effectiveness and Afrezza demonstrates it’s superiority. Also, the A1C’s levels we are running at now are considered “non-diabetic” or “pre-diabetic”. Of course, this number needs to be run for 12 weeks before any of the participants can claim an A1C in 5’s or low 6’s. You should know that none of us have ever had an A1c that low. We are all stunned, as will our doctors be when we do get that 3 month A1C number. Note: Dr. Bode did look at my data from my Dexcom Monitor and it was only for the first 4 weeks I’ve been using it and used the word “unbelievable” several times. On the trials I finished with an A1C of 7.1 even with all the protocols. Can’t wait to see other doctors reaction around the country when all the Afrezza users officially report their #’s – doctors will be shocked. Let the revolution begin…week 5 was another BOOM for Afrezza!

What is the Afrezza Users “Real Life” Results Group?

It is a group of Afrezza Users who use a Continuous Glucose Monitors (Type 1’s) seeking tighter diabetes control and measuring the time spent in each blood sugar range. A week ago we added a new user who like most diabetics uses “finger prick” measurements throughout her day to measure her blood glucose levels. For her (Laureen) we will take an average blood glucose per day (which is an average of approximately 7 or more daily finger pricks). It is NOT a competition between T1’s and T2’s nor among any of us and was only started so people could understand and see the inherent benefit of why Afrezza provides better control and higher patient satisfaction for t1 and t2 diabetics over our previous regimens. In essence, this is a “real-world” trial of “do your best”, and have good and bad days, but keep track of it all, and let everyone know the results. Well, the results thus far are clearly unbelievably positive.

Why are you doing this?

There has been so much discussion about the FDA Afrezza Drug trials and why I feel as a participant in the Affinity 1 trial, there were significant “hold backs” as to why we were not able to materially outperform Injectable Insulin because of the protocols on the trials. This is no longer the case!

To Summarize here are just a few of the hold backs why Afrezza didn’t get to show how great it works:

  • Afrezza Dosing only changed approx. every 6 weeks, and not flexible dosing depending on meal
  • No CGM’s allowed
  • Time in Zone not measured
  • Patient quality of life not measured
  • Brand new Afrezza users vs. Very experienced Injectable users (what if it was brand new injectable users vs. experienced Afrezza users—would that be fair? No-they would stop the trial right away because it would be a TKO/referee stops contest victory for Afrezza which we are proving by real world experience.)


What would you like to express to everyone out there considering Afrezza or to any doctors considering prescribing Afrezza for their patients?

My opinion is that Afrezza is a “life-changing” drug that is not very well understood by the diabetic community at large—both doctors and patients. It improved my life and gave me hope in treating my diabetes. I would wish the same for you or any other diabetic you know—enjoy a better and higher quality of life! Please demand to try Afrezza from your doctor, and if he/she won’t or is not able to prescribe it–go find one that will–your life and the quality of it matters!





  • Reply Hillard Saveth |

    I must say I am so impressed with everyone’s ability to take the bull by the horns and take control of their diabetes. I applauded you all. My son is on Afrezza almost a month now and he does not use a CMG. He just bought himself a new Mini Cooper because he’s felling so good and making lots of $$$. I’ve tried to convince him to go on a CMG. Even Sam had spoken to him but I think we need to gang up on him. His email address is I too am on Afrezza for 6 weeks forcT2″ but I don’t take readings 7 x’s a day. I’m good for 4-5. I’m trying to referee


    • Reply Sam Finta |

      Today was one of my best days on Afrezza. 93 average 50-150 97%.A cgm makes it really easy but not necessary. Since I had so many issues with lows for so many years I rather have a backup which is my Cgm that will alarm me if I have a low in the middle of the night. It only takes one mistake to kill us so it is better to be safe than sorry.

      I’ll keep working on him. He can get a 7 day trial from his endo!

  • Reply johnhindepost |

    Well done boyz and gurlz……you all did mighty well this week. The FIVES have it, Afrezza, that is!……..Yes siree!

  • Reply tony marinelli |

    Hi Sam its being posted that Afrezza is now available in a 12 unit cartridge according to a SNY label.

  • Reply Brian Braxton |

    I can not wait until children’s clinical trials start. To think a kid can be a kid again! Children may even be able to self manager easier and at a younger age. Also I to say 12 units of Afrezza has been approved. Thanks everyone for sharing.

  • Reply tony marinelli |

    none of you are doing this for yourselves but to help others. sort of gives us faith in humanity. good luck and healthy life to all of you!

  • Reply GCoch |

    The 12 unit has been approved, but it will take a while for it to be available. Sam, have you thought about trying Toujeo, the replacement for Lantus yet?

  • Reply ahightower |

    I’ve been doing a lot of research on Afrezza for the last month and thanks to you, I’ll be starting on Monday. T1D going on 32 years taking Daily Multiple Injections the entire time. I’ve had a Dexcom CGM since November and absolutely love it. I just downloaded my Dex and have the following 30 day stats:
    Average Glucose: 101 Senson Usage: 30 of 30 days Calibrations / Day: 2.43 Standard Deviation: +/-36 mg/dL
    Target Range: 3% High 81% Target 16% Low – 70-180 mg/dL My last A1C: 6.4

    It was a lot of work, a lot of injections and a lot of lows. I’m so excited to be trying Afrezza and look forward to what I can get my numbers down to. I think the biggest thing for me is how rapid acting Afrezza is. I’m tired of waiting an hour before eating.

    • Reply Sam Finta |

      That is very good control on injectables. Like you said it is lot of work! Tight control on injectables brings lot of issues as you mentioned. Keep us updated once you are on Afrezza.

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