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Watch my Official Afrezza launch video, see my CGM graphs and a Demo!!

February 3, 2015 will go down as a significant day in diabetes history. Afrezza is officially launched and even after only 6 days of being back on this life-changing drug (it will be very evident to you after visually seeing my various printouts from my Continous Glucose Monitor on twitter) I can’t express how great I’m feeling of having such amazing control over my diabetes. Many people are asking me how I’m “dialing it in” and in my next posts I’ll expand on that topic in greater detail. Before I do, know that it’s really not that hard (especially if you have a CGM), takes barely any practice, and almost immediately…it happens! Don’t worry, I couldn’t believe how amazing it worked either. Al Mann spoke extensively about the benefits, and everything he said is true–I can’t express my thanks enough for how he was able to invent something unimaginable like Afrezza, and he’s not even a diabetic. Truly, I knew it after my very first dose in the drug trial that Afrezza would change everything. And now you can test it out for yourself! My advice from some of the emails I’ve received–Don’t give up. Don’t wait. And by all means please help spread the word to help others. Ask your doctor, and if he or she is not trained, and doesn’t plan to get trained soon–call around and go see another doctor in your area. My feedback from everybody thus far on Afrezza (including mine) is that you will receive a certificate for your first 30 day prescription so it’s FREE to try–hurry up while this offer is out there. This week, I’ll write about exactly how I did it, and I hope my experience will help you “dial it in” quicker, faster and easier. As I said many times–I feel like I’m living in “real-time” now, not waiting for hours every day to try and get my sugars back into range. And I certainly don’t miss all the extra needles! Look forward to welcoming you into the Afrezzauser Family.

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