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“Lows” – An airplane analogy- “RAA’s vs. Afrezza”. Afrezza is First Class!


I liken it to a skilled pilot landing an airplane in a rainy thunderstorm. Diabetes is that constant storm in our bodies as a diabetic. When I am descending on injectable insulin I have often felt like I am going to crash watching my sugars go too low as I dive below 60 on my CGM. Before I hit the ground and possibly die, I panic and grab for any oxygen I can find which is carbs or sugar. Sometimes I feel like I have to wrestle control of the flight from the pilot in order to save myself. This flight is not very enjoyable or predictable for me.

However, on Afrezza when my sugar levels are going down there is absolutely no panic and no grabbing for oxygen masks or sugar. I can feel that the descent is controlled and after a few flights I completely trust the Pilot (which is Afrezza) that it will make a nice soft comfortable landing where I expect it to land. I can easily watch the trajectory while it goes towards the runway and the plane ride down feels like it’s travelling horizontally not vertically and then it levels off for a nice, soft controlled landing.

Before Afrezza my plane rides often resulted in aborted landings (typically with panic and frustration—you can see an old CGM graph before Afrezza on my twitter account). There would be alarms going off and then having to ride back up too high into the sky like I was on a neverending rollercoaster/airplane ride, and then having to repeat the landing procedure all over again. No fun when it’s late at night and you are tired.

This is the “control” difference that I feel because when I’m on Afrezza – I always have to time to adjust the course along the way, and it’s simple and painless. In fact, I can adjust 2-3 times if I had to with Afrezza but only once while waiting for the Injectable insulin to even start working, and it’s a long wait. If you’ve been to the airport, the “waiting for your airplane” feeling is the same with Injectable Insulin. And I certainly don’t enjoy “crash landings” when my body is the airplane. You can only take so many of those, and crashes senselessly kill too many diabetics every year. Now, If you had to go fly at the airport, which plane would you want to fly in? Yes, it would be Air Afrezza for me, too every time. I’ve heard from several people who are now on Afrezza, who were on injectable insulin previously and interestingly, we all have this airport story in common. Life of a diabetic.


  • Reply Dudley |

    Hi Sam – I want to thank you for your tireless efforts on the behalf of all diabetics and for being such an Afrezza hero. We are all well aware of the greed and despicable behavior (no names required) going into trying to harm Mannkind and discredit Afrezza. It seems you and your group are displaying results that are simply amazing – thank you SO much for all the great work and congratulations to you all – that has to be a really great experience for you. It seems you all could talk to Dr. Bode and see if you could convince him to write an article about your experiences. Someone with his cred publishing an article would go a long, long way toward both advancing the real story about what Afrezza can do as well as silencing the negativity from the “forces of darkness” that we all know would love to see Afrezza fail. The FDA did enough of a disservice by restricting the trials and labeling so severely – it seems only fair for the TRUE story to come out.

    Wishing you all the best, and thank you again for your inspirational efforts.



  • Reply Tyeeredfish2 |

    Love the analogy Sam #afrezza army promotes you 2U. Keep it up guy u r a great inspiration to all n I personally thank you for all T1/T2s n family’s worldwide. Remember Dr Al n your prayers.

  • Reply Tom bailey |

    Millions of diabetics in Canada waiting for Afrezza-Sanofi, please fast track the approval now.

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