Advocate for Afrezza

How do you REALLY think the Afrezza launch will go?

Well, my personal feeling is that it is going to be very successful. Perhaps not immediately out of the gate as the average waiting time for an appointment with an endocrinologist can be 6 – 9 weeks or MORE. Many doctors don’t have any direct experience yet with this new innovative drug (they will need to see it in action and get “real world” training on how to dose/prescribe it for their patients) but it will gather ongoing and amazing momentum as more people figure out this just isn’t your “dad’s old insulin”–it’s a brand new state-of-the-art “real-time” insulin. I believe the biggest surprise of all after the launch will be from the very vocal diabetic “naysayers” who, once they try it, will become the biggest proponents and best advocates for Afrezza. My experience says it’s definitely a “life changer” and my observation is you’ll never go back to your old regimen. Ever. One comparison I can think of is when I went from an old flip-phone where you used the numeric keypad to type in characters (and it took forever but you were comfortable using it), to getting todays brand-new smartphone–it really does change your life and how you manage things, and you would never want to go back to that old technology–that’s how it is/was for me when I was on my Novolog and Humalog. There may be someone out there with an old flip phone, so I can’t say Afrezza is for everybody, but look at how smartphones have been adopted over the years, and I think you’ll see the same exact thing occur here with Afrezza. As I think about it, the same situation happened to Kodak film in the 90’s when the technology went to electronic files–transition took time and some people still resisted because they were “used” to it, but you could see the writing on the wall. Afrezza is that kind of game changer–and no one else will have anything similar to offer diabetics for many, many years!


  • Reply Ed Varney |

    I was happy to see your first blog today sir.
    The excitement is growing daily for this new product release to Diabetics.
    I just want you to know that many folks like myself have been impatiently waiting with you for this release.
    My family and friends across the country are waiting and listening for news to hit.
    We are all mostly prediabetics or early stage 2s . and we so much just want to head off the disease before it gets out of hand..Its quite clear to most that Afrezza will fill this big void in prevention medicine for diabetics.
    Thanks again sir and God bless you for all you have done to help make this possible to all of us.

  • Reply Patrick Lytle |


    I just sent you and email and would like to, here, publicly thank you for all you’ve done in support of this very-soon-to-be-great product…despite being chastised many times for doing so.

    I’m 47 years old and was diagnosed with chronic asthma when I was 5. I look at the game-changing Afrezza much like I look at the paradigm shift in treatment for asthmatics years ago. i used to get 16 shots – 8 in each arm – every week when I was a kid to help manage my asthma. And when I had an attack, only a visit to the ER and a shot of epinefrin (sp?) would do the trick. When inhalers came out, they were bulky and didn’t taste good and took some getting used to. But what didn’t take any getting used to was breathing like every other human being.

    Afrezza will do for many diabetics what inhalers did for asthmatics decades ago. And I agree with you, I’d never want to go back to the old way of treatment.

    Best of luck to you and I hope that you have an afrezza inhaler in your pocket one day very soon!


    • Reply Sam Finta |

      I am on Afrezza now and doing better than I imagined. Thank you for the comments.

  • Reply Cliff Evans |

    Everyone is so happy that afrezza is now available to those that truly need it to live worry free lives. Wishing you and all diabetics the best in the management of this dreaded diease.

  • Reply Marcelo Zinn |

    Can you explain the differences in your process to get Afrezza “dialed in” vs. how you managed previously?

    Also, is there anything that has surprised you now that you are able to manage as you want vs how it was managed in trial?



    • Reply Sam Finta |

      It seems the biggest mistake a type 1 might make is under-dosing at the meal and not doing a follow-up dose on a higher carb meal. I am actually surprised how well I have been doing. I knew this was possible but with the addition of a Dexcom CGM I am able to duplicate what my old pancreas used to do naturally.

  • Reply Kirk |

    Hi Sam, I know you have been keeping track of your BS levels and A1c over time but I was wondering if anyone is keeping track of their Blood Pressure and HR before and after Afrezza. I know a raised BP is associated with the onset of Diabetes and I was wondering if there are any indications that average Blood Pressure over time might be reduced and become another benefit of Afrezza.

    • Reply Sam Finta |

      All of us get our blood pressures checked at every doctor appointment so there will be a record of that.

    • Reply Brian Sharp |

      I’ll have to look into that to see if having this kind of control lowers my Blood Pressure…. Then again, my Blood pressure and heart rate have always been like a young Chuck Yeager. So I don’t know if you can get a lot from me?

      • Reply Sam Finta |

        I cannot wait to get all my vitals which include triglycerides and cholesterol numbers.

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