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How to Not Help Diabetics get to know Afrezza

Ever sit down to a delicious holiday dinner surrounded by your family and then a telemarketer calls? As a Type 1 diabetic, I have had many well-intentioned people interrupt my day to tell me the latest tips, tricks and cures for something I have had to deal with for the last 16 years of my life that they have never experienced firsthand, diabetes. You might wonder why many of us seem to get easily irritated by your flippant casual tweets and emails when you can’t begin to understand the utter struggle, pain and frustration we have been through-because if you could for just one day walk a mile in our shoes you would never behave as you do.  Today I implore anyone who cares about Afrezza, and want it to succeed (which it will) to please leave all diabetics on social media alone, especially if you are a non-diabetic who happens to also be a shareholder in MannKind and think you are doing all those you come into contact with a huge favor —you are actually not.  In fact, while some of the comments are well-meaning, there are others that could be construed as inappropriate and insensitive. By all means visit message boards, stocktwits and copy every tweet or post you see, but I ask you to please refrain from interrupting someone’s family conversation (yes, as diabetics we have a unique interrelated connection and bond that you can never understand, and which I pray you will never have to) by tweeting or posting your two cents. For many people, including me, Afrezza is a lifeline and I do not think I could live without it. When I see “pushback” by diabetics I cringe, and it hurts because I feel like your financial good intentions to spread the message has blinded you to seeing there is a real person who will only trust and listen to a fellow warrior in the battle, and they (along with everyone they come into contact with) might reject or miss this “life-changing” drug based on your inappropriate behavior–can you blame them? If this person unintentionally may have been you, would you please not post.  If you wish to make a difference, consider giving to your local JDRF chapter or take time to volunteer at a diabetes non-profit organization or event in your community–put your words into action.  I thank each and every one of you for your heart of understanding on this matter and I will continue to increase awareness of this new and amazing insulin for all diabetics. We all know Afrezza is the very best you can get, and the daily photos of all the Dexcom monitors of Afrezza users prove it. If you come across someone who seems like a “non-diabetic” telemarketer interrupting a family get-together would you please request they stop or send them a link to this message. Thank you for listening and thanks also for your messages of support!


  • Reply JR |

    Thanks Sam – for the reminder and changing peoples lives for the better! It’s easy to get overzealous about a great product and investment we often miss the human side. Best to you & yours!

  • Reply Tony Marinelli |

    Dear Sam

    Sorry you haver to endure this stuff. You have enough going on without dealing with people outside of the community you’re trying to help.
    Many of us who are genuine long term investors are embarrassed by this behavior. Bad manners really. I have been asking investors on various boards to look but
    don’t touch . Lets hope ,at least ,some of them listen

    wish you all the best
    coral gables florida

  • Reply Hillard Saveth |

    hi. My Dr told me about 8 weeks ago that I was pre-diabetic Wanted me to got on metformin He’s a GP. I told him the results for Metformon are inferior to Afrezza. I convinced him to write a script for 4u -1 90 pack. Started off slow 4u during dinner

  • Reply Hillard Saveth |

    Hey Sam, I’m always amazed how you are able to wear your heart on your sleeve. Wish I were more like you. You are much appreciated.

  • Reply prcgorman2 |

    I’m conflicted. I’m very sensitive to your feelings and your comments, but should I refrain from answering a question a diabetic asks about Afrezza if by refraining I leave them ignorant and uninformed? I am sympathetic to the spirit of your message, but I am not completely confident that other diabetics will always provide the best feedback or advice. I’ve spoken with diabetic friends and relatives and they are indeed leary for the very reasons you’ve mentioned, and some you didn’t. Regardless, none of them, not one, had ever heard of Afrezza before I told them. And perhaps I did mishandle telling them. And that bothers me. I can tell you it wasn’t because of greed that I told them about Afrezza. It is possible to be both an investor and evangelistic about a ground-breaking medical advance, isn’t it? And maybe they weren’t immediately receptive but maybe they’ll remember it later when they hear of it again and have increased interest and perhaps use it sooner rather than later. I may never know. Regardless, I respect your comments and your feelings, but I remain conflicted.

    • Reply Sam Finta |

      My article was referring to the online bombardment of diabetics. I would definitely tell all relatives and friends as I have in person.

  • Reply Joe |

    My favorite piece of advice I’ve been given by a non diabetic is to just eat cinnamon.

  • Reply look at here now |

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